The year 2014 will inspire celebration and reflection as the nation recognizes the 50th year of the Mississippi Summer Project. In 1964, participants gathered at Western College for Women (now part of Miami University) to train before working in Mississippi. Miami University will host a reunion of leaders and volunteers who participated in these historic events and a national conference of scholars and activists. Linking the past to current student activism, we will explore the continual significance of Freedom Summer as a model for change, progress and uplift.

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 50 Years After Freedom Summer: Understanding the Past,
Building the Future is dedicated to the memory of

Dr. Vincent Harding

Historian, social activist, writer, co-chair of Veterans of Hope Project, professor of religion and social transformation at Illiff School of Theology in Denver, and friend and confidante of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The Conference Committee joins Marian Wright Edelman,
president of the Children’s Defense Fund, in paying tribute to Dr. Harding,
who had been scheduled to attend the conference.


  • Event locations are listed on the schedule page. Most events will be on the Western Campus of Miami University or the Marcum Center on campus.
  • Only limited tickets remain for conference meals. Conference attendees who have not yet reserved space at meals on the registration form should contact Dorothy Falke at falkeda@miamioh.edu, freedomsummer2014@miamioh.edu or 513.529.8309 to check on availability.

To learn more about Freedom Summer,
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